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in the headlines, coastguard launches an all night search for a missing 62-year-old wind surfer. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where police have released new evidence that they say proves that their officers acted appropriately when they shot and killed a man over the weekend. here is a live look from our roof cam, downtown san francisco. you can see why the bay area will miss out or bay shore will miss out on the warming trend. i'll tell you when the clouds come back. >> i'm you'll. san mateo bridge, traffic is
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moving well. first reports of an accident on the nimitz in san leandro. details coming up about 6:09. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. for more than ten hours the coastguard and several local police agencies have been searching the bay waters and coastline looking for any sign of a missing 62-year-old wind surfer. nick smith joins us live with the very latest on the all night search and how it's expanding. >> right now you are getting a live shot of the coastguard helicopter. i want to see this. i don't want to turn the camera away to show you me. we just saw someone lowered from that helicopter. we think they have found someone. we saw someone come down from the helicopter. that is one of the many pieces of equipment that they are using to expand the search from last night. this search is active and is engaged right now. this search started yesterday. they are looking for kathy keden
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who is a 62-year-old woman. she was last seen about 400 yards offshore near this area where i am called wind surf park. this is west of the san mateo bridge but north of, say, east third street here in foster city. that is live shot of the coastguard helicopter. we saw it circle around a few times and then it dropped. then we see an emergency vehicle riding past us now. i don't know if they, indeed, found anything, but what we will is we will gather more information. when you come back to me, i hope to know more. just to let you know, they are actively looking for 62-year-old woman who went wind surfing. she is experienced wind surfing. we do know she is 5'6" and 130 pounds and they believe she was wearing protective gear that she
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could survive. that is a live shot of the coastguard helicopter. it has lowered someone down to the water. i don't know if they found someone of interest to them. i will give you more information and come back in a little bit. a san leandro police officer giving more than a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant who was also his mistress has nurnd his badge. he has applied had not guilty of furnishing marijuana for sale. he served for nine years and most recently as narcotics detective and as member of the s.w.a.t. team. san francisco police say new audio has been released that you hear gunshots that the suspect that was shot and killed shot first. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with the very latest.
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the reporting to listen to, it's from the shot spotter system. you hear ten shots and pay attention to the pause between the first shot and the second. [ gun shots ] see there is 1.9 seconds between the first and second shots and police say that is the evidence that the first shot was from the suspect. the pause is officers firing back. and the video shows a gun on the ground. police have the gun and they are running tests to see if it belongs to the suspect. some people are not convinced that police acted appropriately. the question whether the suspect was armed. members are asking for calm but the community's outrage is building. >> if the gun has on him but to
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continue shooting him, it almost looks like mass murder. >> i don't like people jumping to conclusions before we know exactly what happened. that is what we're trying to bring to light. >> the man that was killed is kenneth harding, a parolee from washington state. he was wanted for questioning in seattle that hurt three people and killed a pregnant woman. he had been released on parole in april. san francisco police were trying to stop him for not paying his muni fare and they say he fired at officers first. they will hold a townhall meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 at the bayview opera house here in san francisco. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." we're learning more about sunday night's shooting in richmond. it may have caused a turf battle between north and central
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richmond. two people were killed including grass the si lee's son. this is the second son gracie has lost to violence in richmond. one of the old older brothers was shot blocks away from where the other one was shot sunday night. >> i used to tell my boys, there is nothing you can do bring the ones you love back. violence duntd does not solve anything, more trouble, more bodies. she says he had graduated from a culinary school in oakland and was supposed to be at a job interview the following morning. >> ten people are looking for a new place to live after a fire. firefighters were called to the complex. blaze quickly spread to two others. it took more than a on an an hour to bring the fire under control.
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no injuries were record. >> pg&e will begin venting natural gas pipelines today. residents are being notified by phone that they may smell natural gas as pg&e prepares to pressure test the line. pg&e says the gas will quickly dissipate. after the line is cleared it will be flushed with water to make sure there are no leaks. the tests were ordered after the deadly pipeline eggs explosion in san bruno. >> they need winds to help dissipate the gas smell. >> they are pretty light this morning, that is one of the reasons why the temperatures are up a little bit. winds aren't very strong but clouds keeping temperatures. i think the winds will pick up this afternoon but mainly out over the coast. that is what is going to bring you sunshine later. here is a look at dry air we've been following coming up from southern california into our neighborhoods. lows from yesterday pulling away big trough starting to move a little bit and another reason i think a warming trend is well in
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the forecast. for right now, we have upper 50s to low 60s in many areas. we do have mid-50s around oakland and san francisco and santa rosa is getting close to a qaert of mile. by the afternoon hours, inland areas like east bay valleys will warm a little bit today while the rest of us will be stagnant because of the cloud cover early this morning. i expect by noon the clouds will move back to the coast and afternoon hours, you see the northwest wind and start to clear the clouds along the coast. low to mid-70s around oakland and san mateo and fremont, mid 80s in the east bay valleys. mid on 80s morgan hill and gilroy. about 68 in onto ray today. warming trend continues for everybody tomorrow and it could even be warmer than average sunday and monday of next week. good morning, sue. good morning. a potential problem for commuters in the san leandro
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area. we've got an accident on the 880 freeway north on the nimitz, an accident is going to spread across the freeway. it's in the right lane or left lane, it's probably in both lanes. there is a vehicle that has overturned in the area. our sensors are picking up traffic about 7 miles an hour past the area. major problem on the 880 in san leandro. let's take a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights remain off at this hour. >> thanks a lot. nine minutes after 6:00 right now. >> looking for a new car with better gas mileage in just ahead why waiting a few months to buy could save you few thousand dollars. >> and getting a divorce in san francisco will take a year and a half and other counties could soon follow suit. >> taken from you, we feel violated. >> their savings gone, he bilked
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investors out of millions. >> and the coastguard has lowered a diver into the water in the search for a missing 62-year-old wind surfer. nick smith is there and we'll bring you the latest updates as we get them. we'll be right back.
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good morning, we have breaking news right now from foster city. you are looking at a live picture of a coastguard rescue crews, they have found the 62-year-old woman, the wind surfer who had been missing since yesterday. she is alive. they had a chopper overhead, a dive they are the water. you can see the boat ready there. they are going to take her via chopper to sfo where an ambulance will get her to hospital. but great news is after an all night search that continued into the morning, none stop the 62-year-old woman has been found alive after wind surfing and not returning. no word if she was with her board still or how she managed for the overnight hours. nick smith will have more
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information as we speak and he will come back with us with more. breaking news that the missing 62-year-old wind surfer has been found alive. the east bay lawyer is scheduled to appear in contra costa court for a bail hearing after accused of stealing millions from clients. a number of people came forward claiming that miller took their money. he claimed to be a successful real estate investor. he had the boy scout troops as investors and mansion in on rain rin did a. some say the money paid for his lifestyle. >> it's hard to lose money in the mark but when it's basically taken from you, it hurts, it's like having a car stolen. you feel violated. >> his attorney says carl miller is going to do everything reasonable within his power to make things right. >> in san francisco, if you want
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to get a divorce or try to sue somebody you should be prepared for huge delays. county's court system is laying off 200 workers in closing 25 courtrooms. you can expect to wait hours to pay a traffic ticketed in person or get court paperwork. year and a half or longer to get a divorce and five years for civil lawsuits go to trial. >> come october 3rd, closed signs will manage on many courtroom doors. windows will be shuttered and civil division will be oust business. >> they say they are considering similar actions. it's the latest fallout after the legislature cut $350 million from the judiciary budget. they say they'll have to cut at least that much again next year. mike nicco is here to talk
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about the forecast, talking about the fog that is in places, it's going to last all day to o the coastguard? >> not all day. it will clear north to south along the coast. because we have the clouds along the coast and bay will be pretty close to yesterday's temperatures and inland neighborhoods will continue the warming trend. if you want warmer weather along the coast and bay shore, tomorrow through the weekend i think we've got the recipe for you. good morning to you. 6:17. looking down from mount tamalpais, can you see sutro tower? it's hard, in the upper right hand corner. temperatures outside, we are still in the 50s and 60s. 60s barely holding on antioch, mountain view and san jose. don't affecting get about the fog around santa rosa, visibility down to quarter of a mile. gilroy, 63, everybody else in the upper 50s. highlights mostly sunny today,
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warming trend continues inland. clouds at the coast tonight. it will be cooler but without the clouds to stop the morning sunshine, temperatures will warm to near average highs and a little bit warmer early next week. for today, 24-hour temperature change, clouds around san francisco and oakland and san jose, fremont the same but inland around concord and santa rosa, about 4-5 degrees. 14 hours and 26 minutes of sunshine. looking at the clouds through pga and by noon they are back to the coast. in the afternoon hours, that northwest wind starts to ramp and clear the coast from north to south. if we see any clouds they will be happening go around the peninsula in the afternoon. those will break from time to time for sunshine. south bay, mid-80s to about the low 80s. los gatos at 82. santa clara, 77 degrees. same temperature in palo alto. low mid-60s along the coast. upper 60s downtown south san
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francisco. check out 101 from sausalito all the way up to 79 in santa rosa. richmond, 68 degrees. low to mid-70s on the east bay shore. same temperatures around gilroy and hollister with upper 50s in monterey to mid-70s in santa cruz and watsonville. cool and breezy tonight the giants game, 61 dropping down to 57. temperatures in the 50s due to the lack of clouds but look how we jump up 2-6 degrees tomorrow. mid to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-60s at the coast. have a great day. here is sue with an update. >> back to san leandro, we have a accident across several lanes of the freeway, 880 northbound, right there at 98th avenue, left lane, right lane, one car is overturned and speeds are about
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10 miles an hour or less past the scene. so a problem if you are traveling northbound 880. san jose, root developing problem, guadalupe parkway, an accident blocking the right lane. all kinds of emergency crews on the scene there, slowing passed there traveling northbound on the guadalupe parkway. walnut creek, southbound 680 heading toward the 24 junction. moving toward the limit, no problems there. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were off and they may have turned on. carpool and fastrak lanes getting through just fine. go to for all the information. click on bay area traffic before you leave house this morning. >> automobile analysts say anybody buying a more fuel efficient car may want to wait a few months. the average price hit a record high $20,500 and they expect
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prices to fall by $1200 later this year when lower gas prices should reduce command for fuel efficient cars. they expected japanese automakers to crank up production. >> good news, lower gas prices later this year. good news for everybody. >> coming up, technology that could save college students thousands on textbooks. >> and the crash that has you redefining
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welcome back. we have incredible video of a crash in minnesota. losing control of a jump going airborne. look at this. going 30 feet off the bike, luckily he landed on a hillside and slid down. but what he did next, gets himself off and gets back on the bike, finishes the race! there he is one more time, coming down to earth. good news for students, they have announced a digital rental program. they can access to tens of thousands of textbooks at 80% of off the normal price. this just isn't for kendals but it can be read on smart phones, as well. >> still ahead at 6:30, now hiring. positive news looking to get a
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job in silicon valley and one big problem that high-tech employers will face as they start looking to hire. >> saying goodbye forever, as atlantis begins the last leg of its mission. >> a grilling on tap for a media mogul. verbal firing squad awaiting rupert murdoch this morning. >> and breaking news, new information about a missing 62 world wind surfer found alive. after an all night search. >> just announced, flight arrival delays of nearly 70 minutes into sfo. our flight tracker can help you our flight tracker can help you at
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, 6:30, trading got underway on wall street. and stock futures are rising as other larger banks roll out the earnings banks. impasse over lifting the debt ceiling pummeled. we'll go live to the stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. >> following breaking news and it always doesn't have an happy ending but this time it does. an all night search for a wind surfer has concludewood her being found alive in the water north of the san mateo bridge. nick smith joins us live from san mateo county with the very
6:31 am
latest. >> reporter: it was an exciting last few minutes, we were running around trying to get the latest information. i spoke with nick webber from foster city battalion chief. he it was, indeed, what we saw in the video. rescue was taking place, we were witnessing live on camera. that is the coastguard helicopter circling over the waters. that area you see is the area between where we are now. this is called coyote point. we are west of the san mateo bridge but north of east third street. this area a lot of people know as wind surf park. they say that kathy was definitely coherent. she was able to respond to their requests. they pulled her out of that water. she will be treated for a bit of hypothermia. foster city was one of several agencies that was part of the search this morning.
6:32 am
that search expand in order the morning. they said as soon as daylight broke, they were able to get a visual. they needed that visual aid because of the water temperature from last night, it's 70 degrees. so that helped. all these factors helped to play a part in her sustainability. yrblgs when they saw her, they pulled her out of the water and it was exciting to see all of that unfold. right now she will be transported to san francisco general and, of course, treated for hypothermia. like you at the, terry, good news to a situation that was bit shaky when it started this morning, that a search that started last night, wind surfer that went missing when her husband reported it. today she has been found and she is coherent. good news to report and makes all of us feel really good out in foster city. thank you so much.
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we'll check back with you later. friends of a petaluma man that is among seven missing fishermen in the gulf of california are raising money to continue the search. he was aboard the boat when it sank on july 3rd. mexican navy and coastguard called off the search last weeks. his friends have raised $14,000 and that will be used to hire a private dive team. >> oakland city council is considering a plan to increase the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from four up to eight. oakland tribune says a legal firm has revised the plan to license and regulate large pot farms. it includes amending the ordinance approved by the council last year to create a system where the city's dispensaries will only get their marijuana from the city's pot form. last year, state and federal authorities the current measure could open up officials to
6:34 am
arrest by federal drug agents. >> a new forecast of the silicon valley employment picture. a new study shows employers expect a 15% groes growth in tech jobs over the next two years. these new jobs are requiring specific high level skills while mid-level jobs are being cut and shifted overseas. for example, engineering and diners will be high demand. it proves a dire need to train local tech workers. aclu is joining a court battle that would ban circumcision in san francisco. the circumcision of a male younger than 18 a misdemeanor carrying a fine up on 1 had or a year in jail. there would be no exceptions to the ban despite the fact that jewish and muslims consider it's part of their religion. they asked the judge to invalidate the measure. dianne feinstein will launch
6:35 am
a new war on the federal ban on gay marriage. she is trying to repeal the defense of marriage act. it defines a marriage between a man and woman and bans federal recognition of gay marriage. earlier this year obama administrationsay they would defend lawsuit in court. the bill has little chance of passing, her proposal could make same-sex marriage an issue in the 2012 election. >> in london, an emergency hearing into the phone hacking scandal involving rupert murdoch has gone already for two hours. paul stephenson the chief of scotland yard resigned. he testified that 10 of 45 officers metropolitan police force are former employees of
6:36 am
news international. he thought he needed to step down. >> i have spoken to many police officers since my resignation. and they are willing to do something even though they didn't do anything wrong but willing to walk away when it might interfere with their discharge of duties. >> again, he is expected to testify shortly. his son and rebecca brooks will also appear for questioning today. >> space shuttle atlantis has left the international space station for the last time. they undocked from the space station late last night, the crew of four are due back on earth sunday morning, they left behind a year's worth of supplies and left the crew with a commemorative shuttle model and u.s. flag that flew on the space shuttle mission in 1981.
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we were talking last week about it heated up a bit, now, mike? >> he is making us wait, a little step at a time there. >> definitely, baby steps as we talked about and with the cloud hanging around the coast and bay this morning. you may miss out on a warming trend while inland will build on the warmth. let's talk about what happened yesterday real quick and set the stage for today. the low that brought us the clouds is pulling away after bringing a record rainfall amount to eureka of nearly .2 of an inch. winds being calm this morning we don't have much of a breeze on the surface. 13 at sfo, 12 at fairfield. above the surface, marine layer pushing the cloud into our neighborhoods and keeping temperatures up a little bit in most neighborhoods, except for oakland and san francisco where
6:38 am
you are about 2 degrees and the same as yesterday. 8:00, clouds are hanging around the bay shore and out to the coast and temperatures in the 50s. by noon, 70 degrees temperatures inland and low to mid 50s around san francisco and oakland. we'll see clearing from north to south along the coast today. hit the mid 50s even in san francisco. throw mid-70s around the bay at 4:00. upper 70s in north bay and south bay. everybody continues to warm tomorrow and temperatures will hold steady if not warm a little bit through next week. sue is following following a couple accidents. >> let's go back to san jose, we've got an issue on the guadalupe parkway, blocking the off-ramp. a lot of emergency crews, an ambulance, fire, police so you might find slowing part curtner.
6:39 am
to san leandro, approaching 98, west lane, an overturned vehicle traffic going 4 miles an hour. drive time, pretty slow traffic, southbound 101 through marin county, 4 is slow to the 242, half an hour. 580 up over the altamont pass, you are looking at about 30-minute drive. let's take a look the bay bridge incline section, metering lights are on. past the toll plaza it l is backed up to the west grand overcrossing. it's now 6:39. >> big losses for one of america's biggest banks. >> and would you play with this. a controversial breastfeeding
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doll coming to a store near. >> you and unbelievable deals hopingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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welcome back. live doppler 7-hd. very quiet this morning compared to yesterday and i don't expect much to happen around the state except for sunshine and even that will continue at the coast. 64 in eureka and 74 in big sur.
6:44 am
upper 80s around yosemite and chico. palm springs 112. tahoe at 75 and 86 in l.a. >> house leaders are scheduling a symbolic vote on raising the nation's debt limit. house is expected to approve a tea party backed plan to cut, cap and balance the federal budget. it would let the government borrow $2.4 trillion but only after big spending cuts and constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. plan is not expected to get very far in the democratically controlled senate and president has promised a veto. they want to come up with a plan by august 2nd or face the prospects of an international financial crisis. the kings of media empire are testifying in london. that empire is under siege. rupert murdoch and other news
6:45 am
corp executives are taking stage. >> how is that affecting trading. jane king is live at new york stock exchange. >> that's right. they lost six billion over the last couple of weeks and big day for news corp. could be a major day for the chief executive. murdoch has a rough go they may replace him with another executive. that is his son that is speak at the moment but rupert murdoch is right next to i am him. james murdoch has said that he apologized and compensation fund for victims that they move swiftly to fix this. so certainly a monument day for the company. >> wells fargo is reporting an increase in quarterly profits. earnings are coming in better than expected. bank of america, reporting the biggest quarterly loss in
6:46 am
history. almost $9 billion. but cost related to the bad mortgages, bank of america also unchanged at the moment. goldman sachs, lower than expected profits. they are trading division is not doing so well. for cisco, cost cutting news, job cuts and selling their plant in mexico, did the cutting deep enough. after a strong start, dow up 118 and everything is up so far. summer is flying by but a lot of travelers still don't have their plans to go anywhere. travel agencies say 70% haven't booked their trip yet. thanks very much.
6:47 am
arizona is left cleaning up after a large dusted storm swept through the city. a giant cloud blachb ketd the region with 50 mile-an-hour winds. some medical experts are warning of potential health risks posed by the storms. dust can trigger valley fever a flu like nilz illness. mike joins us now, amazing pictures. >> not nearly as bad as the one last month. but still very impressive and the heat has been impressive. 40 states with higher than 90-degree temperatures. 14 with higher than 100 degree temperatures. warming trend but nothing like that in our forecast. here is a look at some of the clouds as we look at the bay this morning. those clouds are going to keep the coast and bay shore in check while inland areas will continue the warming trend we started yesterday. let's take a look at those temperatures, you can see a lot of 50s and 60s around.
6:48 am
don't forget about the fog in santa rosa, visibility about a qaert of a mile. fog around was watsonville and salinas. temperatures in the upper 50s. to even mid-50s as you head into gilroy. highlights, mostly sunny today. warming continues inland. clouds will return to the coast. it will be colder this time tomorrow, that extra sunshine should help boost our temperatures and start the warming trend. temperatures will be near average if not a little bit warmer as we head into next week. for today, still a little bit below average, luke oakland and san francisco, one degree, three in napa, four in san jose, livermore, 6 and redwood city, 7 degrees cooler than average. let's start in the east bay valleys, good morning to you in dublin, 82 all the way to 87 into brentwood. 68 in richmond and everybody else in the low to mid-70s. mid-80s around sunnyvale and
6:49 am
milpitas. campbell right around 80 degrees. 80 in los altos and 76 in redwood city and down to 70 in millbrae as you head northbound on the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast today. upper 60s downtown and south san francisco. look at the wealth of 70s, vallejo and right up 101 to santa rosa 79. napa around 80 today. clearing will be at beaches and mid-50s. 68 in monterey. low to mid mid-70s to salinas. we stuck it to the dodgers, 5-0 win. tonight temperatures first pitch 61 dropping down to 57. 56-41 was record to 42-54. >> notice itself clouds back out to the coast.
6:50 am
49 in cloverdale and low to mid-50s until you get to concord and antioch and fairfield. seven-day forecast, temperatures hold right around 90 degrees inland until we reach sunday and monday. that is when we'll see the warming trend. mid to upper 70s and then we'll have temperatures near 50 along the coast. we're going to have some gorgeous days ahead of us, if you have weather photos you take we would like to see them. upload them at or e-mail them to us. here is sue with an update. unfortunately not a pretty picture in san leandro, an accident still blocking lanes, northbound 880 right before 98th street, it's blocking the two lanes and you can see by the red icons traffic is very slow. picking up speeds 4 miles an hour, crawling past that scene there. hopefully in the clearings stages, 880 before 98.
6:51 am
>> live look southbound 680 headed toward the 24 junction, no problems report there. 24 westbound is looking good if you travel toward the caldecott tunnel and through the macarthur maze. bay bridge metering lights are on and traffic is backed up to the west grand overcrossing. sluggish ride on the upper deck. before you leave the house, is the website and all the latest traffic information, click on the bay area traffic icon on the left side of your computer screen. >> bart leaders are denying reports that san francisco muni's recently departed chief is running for bart general manager. nathaniel ford left and there was a shortness of candidates via dated by dorothy dugger. two bart board members those reports are wrong. board has closed meetings to
6:52 am
discuss the search. >> a controversial doll designed to breast-feed will soon be available in u.s. stores. right now, it's sold in europe and online but the doll maker plans to present it at a las vegas trade show and then sell it at u.s. stores. the doll works by making sounds when the mouth gets closer to a halter top and many times uncomfortable. >> i don't think i'm crazy about this doll. >> i think it's ridiculous. come on let them be little girls. >> the maker says it helps children with nurturing skills. >> they are trying to keep customers in concord from going out of town. they are enticing them with deep discounts. it's called try it local. customers that buy prepaid vouchers from meals to
6:53 am
merchandise at area retail stores. each deal is available for two days. the customers that purchase it can download and use it at with their local merchants. >> there are marketing ideas out there. a lot of them like to use it multiple location. we only have one location so we are centralized right here. we thought we would give it a try. >> this th restaurant offers $30 worth a food for the purchase of $15 voucher. recapping top stories, after 11 hours of searching, coastguard has found a missing wind surfer alive on the bay waters. >> nick smith joins us live with the latest. i can tell you with authority that she has been transported to sfo and now en route to san francisco general.
6:54 am
i want to show you amazing video of the rescue we captured live on camera. kathy is 62 years old and she was last seen 400 yards offshore at coyote point and san mateo. it's the area west of the san mateo bridge but north of east third street here in foster city. it's really popular among wind surfers. she went wind surfing last night. when she didn't come back, her husband called 911. that launched a search effort to find her. it started last night. it was expanded this morning as soon as daybreak came around. we learned it helped to aid in the search and rescue effort because they spotted her almost immediately. we saw the helicopter circle around and drop down and pull something out of the water. it turns out it was kathy. she was responsive and coherent.
6:55 am
we understand this morning, as soon as they made calls and spoke to her she was able to respond. now she will be treated for hypothermia, most importantly they say it's imperative to note she was wearing a wet suit. that the water temperature worked in her favor and weather conditions were favorable. she was transported to sfo and since been transported to san francisco general. and that wind surfer last night reported missing was found today. terry, i'm going to send it back to you guys in the studio. let's check in with mike and get the forecast. >> flight arrival clays into sfo because of the fog that is filling in the bay right now. as far as temperatures are running in the 50s and 60s. a little warmer this morning. we do have some fog that is forming around santa rosa and
6:56 am
about a quarter of a mile. watch out for that. as we headed into the afternoon hours, everybody will see sunshine and clearing from north to south along the coast. mid to upper 60s around half moon bay, san francisco and richmond, low to mid-70s around oakland and fremont. as you head palo alto into the south bay, upper 70s to low 80s. and low to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. not quite air-conditioning weather yet but check out how much warmer it's going as we hover around the 90s all the way through the forecast. even upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. >> we have an update san leandro northbound 880 approaching 98 it has been cleared to the shoulder. very slow traffic, about 4-5 miles an hour. hope you any it will be picking up speed wise. all transit is moving well,
6:57 am
everybody is on time. good news. golden gate bridge if you are coming into san francisco from marin county, will you find fog but no problems headed into san francisco. so far, so good. >> sue, thanks for watching. that does it for us. we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. >> join us for the midday news at 11:00. have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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Tuner Channel 93 (639 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 7/19/2011